My name is Veronica Toumanova and I am a professional tango dancer from Paris. Tango for me is about joyously living my passion. I perform, teach, dance socially and write about tango. 

Looking for my articles on tangoYou will find the full list on the ESSAYS page. A book with my essays is available on Amazon in print and Kindle format.

In the past year I worked with different partners.

Watch more videos of my PERFORMANCES.

An interview I gave in June 2018 to Joe Yang from Winconsin Tango:
Feeling vs Aesthetics : an interview with Veronica Toumanova

An interview I gave in April of 2018 to Chrisa Assis from Toronto:
Tango Chat with Veronica Toumanova

Most recent essay:
Why tango often feels like therapy
Special publication:
Argentine tango as intimacy practice 
The original version appeared in Russian in a women's online magazine.

Helping to build the worldwide tango community

TANGOFOLLY helps you navigate the tango world through events, articles, travel blog, market place and much more. My profile on Tangofolly : Veronica Toumanova

El Recodo Tango (Bordeaux, France) offers an extensive musical database, including articles and a MUSIC QUIZZ to improve your knowledge of tango music.

A central up-to-date website with milongas, classes and other tango events in France. If you are looking for milongas and workshops in Paris, this is the place.