I was born and raised in Moscow, where I studied fine arts, but started dancing tango while living in The Netherlands. I have been dancing tango since 2000 and actively teaching and performing since 2007. My background includes graphic and interface design as well as literature.

My experience in modern dance and classical ballet until now allowed me to build a solid technical basis in tango, further enriched by my experience with bodywork techniques such as yoga, Pilates and gyrotonics. My background in tango includes learning from various Argentinean teachers as well as a thorough self-study.

For the past several years I have been living in Paris where I am one of the co-founders, teacher and art director of Tango Mon Amour. In Paris I teach technique workshops and together with my Tango Mon Amour colleagues organise various Tango Mon Amour activities. I also teach on a regular basis in other cities in France.

I am passionate about movement, dance, anatomical knowledge of the body, neuroscience and psychology. My fluency in seven languages allows me to teach in many countries in my students' native languages. In tango I have worked with various partners, performing and teaching in France, Sweden, Norway, UK, Italy, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada and USA.

In my dance I put the emphasis on elegance, natural movement, musicality, comfort, quality of movement and connection between partners. In my teaching I strive to make people discover the inner workings of a movement and integrate it on a deeper level, rather than copy it from an external source. Besides couple classes with my partner I also teach tango technique (followers + leaders), helping students to perfect their dance. I am also a tango blogger. My essays on tango are translated in eighteen languages so far and published on various online platforms.

If you want to know more about me, here is a 2-hours video interview I gave in April of 2018 to Chrisa Assis, a tango teacher from Toronto.