Essays on learning, dancing and living tango argentino
Volume 2013 - 2014

The book is a collection of my esssays written between Oct 2013 and Dec 2014. It is available on Amazon as a PAPER BOOK as well as a Kindle ebook. There are in total nineteen essays (in English).

From the book reviews:
"Veronica has collected a long series of fundamental questions that most aspiring or experienced tango aficionado will recognize. But where most of will contemplate and and wonder, Veronica digs deeper and more precisely into the answers than anyone else. The result is always amusing and enlightening, most of the time stunningly insightful and more than once moving or consoling. This book comes highly recommended, for long time tango dancers, beginners and even outsiders alike. The essays have such high quality and content that you can read all of them in one session. But surely after that will always return to them again and again, each time you want to talk about one of the 'Why?'s with other tangueros or when something that happened to you in the milonga keeps nagging at you. Great work Veronica!"

- "What a wonderful surprise:))) thank you Veronica, both inspirational and entertaining, and so much true! I ve read it twice and am sure wil re read again and again, as all the questions and problems discussed are real and as a dancer married to a dancer whom I met dancing at the milonga... We are facing those questions and problems every day, every practica, every workshop and every milonga. We are not proffessionals, but the essays are excellent in style and eloquent in language, as well as written with iron clad logic and well organized mind. Please, keep writing:))"

-"If you are a tanguero, you should read this book. I'm intermediate (5 yrs) and got great insights that helped my dancing, or at least understanding about some frustrations and challenges, and joys."

-"best book on Argentine tango background and life style in the world. Must read for any Tango aficionado."

-"It is a must-read book for everyone who dances tango, whether he or she are dancing a day, a year or a whole life. Every essay has its own theme and it is precisely crafted with a lot of wisdom - about the dance itself, about the community, about the human nature. I read it on one breath, discussed it with friends and definitely will re-read it again. Veronika, thank you for such a great contribution to the tango culture."

A Korean translation of "Why Tango" is available as an ebook

VEROTANGO QUOTES is a collection of funny quotes on tango argentino, conceived and designed by me (in English) and published in Oct 2012. I have collected these quotes over a span of three years, publishing them regularly on my Facebook profile. The book contains illustrations by my hand.

You can order a version of Verotango Quotes online at Blurb. It is available both in paper version (hard- or softcover) as well as an e-book.